Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"A Sweetheart Little .22 Pistol" by JayPee

This is the Smith and Wesson Model 34 my wife bought me for a wedding present in 1972. I took it out for a spin recently and just wanted to show it off a little bit. It's all original, although it came with small grips and I had to pay extra for the target grips. In the past 38 years it has proven itself to be the most uncannily accurate small pistol I've ever seen and has sent its share of western jackrabbits off to jackrabbit Valhalla, or wherever jackrabbits go. Some friends and I got into a 75 yard shootout for lunch stakes one time and this little pistol kept ten shots in the "bottle"of an NRA B-27 target and beat out several Glocks, Berettas, and Sigs. Best free lunch I ever had!! Here she is. Wish I had a dozen of them.

(The 1972 wife is still in mighty nice shape too, in case yer wonderin'. )


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