Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Sighting in my new (old) M77" by Gary7

I took my new (to me) Ruger M77 to the range yesterday to sight in the scope. The scope that came with this gun is an old Tasco that appears to be a fairly good quality scope. Unlike the new Tascos, which are made in China, this one was made in Japan.

It took awhile to get the thing dialed in and on the target at 50 yards--largely because the wind was blowing so hard down the concrete pipe you have to shoot down that it was making my eyes water. Here was my final 3-shot group at 50 yards. I'll move out to 100 yards next time and see how it does.

I really like the M77 action. It's slick and precise when you eject and chamber a new round.

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JayPee said...

If it will group like that with common FMJ ammo, especially under such bad conditions, you've definitely scored a keeper. Sometime when you feel like experimenting, give the 165 grain loads a try. Most otsixes are very fond of that bullet weight. The really nice part is that you can pretty well stay with 150grain velocities despite the heavier bullet. It's a happy combination.